Friday, August 3rd, 2007 - Event Program

(August 3rd, 2007 Map and Cover - click on picture for full, printable document) (August 3rd, 2007 Galleries and Artists - click on picture for full, printable document)

Live at Lenin- 36th and Evanston
Pick the evenings’ event program and enjoy live music performances, FREE, all ages.
7:00pm Electrochakra
9:00pm Monktail

1. ArtFX Gallery - 420 N 35th St -
Featured Artists: “The Mask Show” - In honor of ArtFX Gallery’s 10th Anniversary they are reviving their Mask Show to celebrate and expose the public to the fine art of the mask. Masks have different meanings for different people/cultures and they enjoy exposing the public to those ideas. Come see the work of a talented group of artists working today to give new meaning to the ancient traditions of mask making.

2. Cheka Looka Surf Shop - 3507 Evanston N -

3. Earthly Rituals - 600 N. 36th Street, Ste 321 -
Featured Artists: Gabrielle Abbott’s beautiful Seattle landscapes in a variety of media's, including ink, charcoal and paint. Becky Birinyi, a Seattle printmaker. Her ‘Aerial Mist’ series of monotypes has been inspired by trips through the San Juan Islands. Her artwork is in several private collections throughout the US and Japan.

4. EVO-X (∞) - 122 NW 36th St -
Featured Artist: “Natural Selection” featuring Superbig Creative, Kevin Walsh, Scott Fuller, Josh Oakley, Andy Simutis and Matt Fagerness. Blending natural and unnatural influences, each piece was the product of randomly chosen elements and constraints from these categories: natural, unnatural, color, graphic elements and the option of choosing an emotion or wild card.

5. Florentia Clayworks - 218 Florentia (Right on the Q.A. side of the Fremont Bridge next to the saloon) -,,

6. Form-Space-Light Art Gallery - 619 N. 35th Street, Ste 102 (alley between 34th and 35th)

7. Frame Up Studios - 3515 Fremont Ave N -
Featured Artist: Lisa Lamoreaux reveals all new paintings in her "Systems Theory" series. Her multi-layered mixed media paintings evoke a sense of curiosity through the use of perceptual shifts in this upcoming show titled "Just B".

8. Frank and Dunya - 3418 Fremont Ave N

9. Fremont Abbey Arts Center - 4272 Fremont Ave N -

10. Fremont Coffee - 459 N 36th St -
Featured Artist: Dan Stuckey showing his colorful bike-themed silk screen collections. Various paintings and drawings will be showing as well.

11. Fremont Jewelry Design - 3510 Fremont Place N -
Featured Artist: Renee Kiku - vivid, geometric, acrylic paintings.

12. Gasworks Gallery - 3815 4th Ave NE -
8:00 - 11:00 pm - annual bash and 3rd summer 2007 gallery party!

13. Habitude - 513 N 36th St -

14. Lifework Images - 600 N 36th St, Ste 329 –
Featured Artists: Photographers LaRae and Cory Lobdell release a selection of new images from their current “Year of Life” photography essay in which images are taken every day during the 2007 year. The digital prints are finished with mixed media.

15. Northwest Healing Studio - 600 N 36th Street, Ste 320 -
Featured Artist: Barbara Stout - Chinese calligraphy inspired paintings.

16. Oasis Art Gallery - 3644 Wallingford Ave N -
Featured Artists: New Show - 'Access to Abstractions' - Ray Weisgerber, Daniel Fleming, Mark Thomas, & Loren Jackson. Abstract art abounds with surreal black and white photography, digital alterations to local icons, Sumi brush strokes of inspiration, and vibrant splashes of acrylic abstractions.

17. Oohla's in Fremont Salon/Gallery - 711 N 35th St –
Featured Artist: Megan Key.

18. Petapoluza Pet Supply - 114 N 36th St -
Featured Artist: Kerry Smith - Peaked Paint Art.

19. Theo Chocolate - 3400 Phinney Ave N -
Featured Artist: Seattle photographer Joe Clark discovers art in the reflective glass buildings of many different cities “Reflections of Seattle”.

20. Trofeo - 3601 Woodland Park N, just a few short blocks east of the Troll -

21. Urbanweeds - 4302 Fremont Avenue N –
Featured Artist: John Mayo explores both form and space while utilizing both ancient and modern design to create his wood and steel sculptures. Mayo is particularly drawn to forms of fish, birds and vessels. He notes that these forms have evolved under the requirements of motion, speed, and efficiency leading him to strive to express his enthusiasm for them through his sculpture.

22. WINDOWS art gallery - 4131 Woodland Park Avenue N -

23. Wit's End Books - 4262 Fremont Ave N -
Featured Artists: Paintings and Candles by Skye Graves, Isaac Marion, and Pauline White.

24. Hidden Hand Tattoo – 5616 Fremont Place N. –
Featured Artist: Chad Rice, University of Washington painting student primarily working in oil and acrylic.

Additional shops and galleries open:

Caffe Ladro - 452 N 36th Street -
Featured Artist: Laura Marks.

Edge of Glass Gallery and Hotshop - 513 N 36th St Suite H -
Featured Artist: James M. Curtis III.

ToST - 513 North Thirty-Sixth St., Space E –
Featured Artist: Gabe Johnson Photography, using forgotten cameras. Gabe Johnson is an artist and tourist living in afortified compound near Seattle, Washington.

Thank you!

To all the Contributors, Sponsors & Volunteers who are helping to make the Fremont First Friday Art Walk a success!

Monktail / Electrochakra / Lifework Images / Donna Stewart, Music Promotions Director / Ron Henry Photography, / Mighty-O Doughnuts, / Starbucks Coffee / Fremont neighborhood FedEx Kinkos / Bell & Herb’s / Taco Dell Mar / Karen Thode