Friday, July 6th 2007 Event Program

(July 6th, 2007 Map and Cover- click on picture for full, printable document)

(July 6th, 2007 Galleries and Artists - click on picture for full, printable document)

Live at Lenin - 36th and Evanston
Pick the evenings’ event program and enjoy live music performances, FREE, all ages.
6:00pm Brock Boehm
8:00pm Aeolian

1. ArtFX Gallery - 420 N 35th St -

2. Cheka Looka Surf Shop - 3507 Evanston N -

3. Earthly Rituals - 600 N. 36th Street, Ste 321 -
Featured Artist: Becky Birinyi, a Seattle printmaker. Her ‘Aerial Mist’ series of monotypes has been inspired by trips through the San Juan Islands. Her artwork is in several private collections throughout the US and Japan.
Ingrid Alvares McNeely, multimedia artist specializing in oil painting, printmaking and watercolors inspired by bright colors found in nature, emotion and culture. The latest series of full moons with insects explore the nocturnal, solitary nature of moths and rare bees.

4. EVO-X (∞) - 122 NW 36th St -

5. Florentia Clayworks - 218 Florentia (Right on the Q.A. side of the Fremont Bridge next to the saloon) -,,

6. Form-Space-Light Art Gallery - 619 N. 35th Street

7. Frame Up Studios - 3515 Fremont Ave N -
Featured Artist: Janet Fagan-Smith and her newest collection of wood block mono-prints, inspired by the concept of "Home" and how nature defines or defies that idea.

8. Frank and Dunya - 3418 Fremont Ave N
Featured Artist: Alla Goniodsky works her magic in a variety of artistic styles and media, including ink drawings, paintings and puppet dolls. Frank and Dunya gallery happy to introduce her new oil paintings and several puppets, which is fully reflects many facets of her talent.

9. Fremont Abbey Arts Center - 4272 Fremont Ave N -
Featured Artist: Featuring works by nine local artists: Damien Jurado, C. Charles Bowden, Tim Tinker, Greg Nyssen, Amanda Ringstad, Brian Barber, Rustee Pace, Greg Lutze & Eric Fischer in addition to LIVE MUSIC right after the art walk.

10. Fremont Coffee - 459 N 36th St -
Featured Artist: Photography by Thomas Krueger and live music from an acoustic guitar.

11. Fremont Jewelry Design - 3510 Fremont Place N -
Featured Artist: Andy Hoyos - Limited edition Giclee prints on canvas and watercolor paper along with traditional acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, inspired by the human body in a state of 'physical meditation', using the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates

12. Gasworks Gallery - 3815 4th Ave NE -
8:00 - 11:00 pm - After Hours!

13. Habitude - 513 N 36th St -
Featured Artist: Joey Veltkamp, a self-taught painter who has been showing in Seattle since 2005 presents his favorite paintings made during the past three years and includes flowers, animals and portraits

14. Lifework Images - 600 N 36th St, Ste 329 –
Featured Artist: Local artist Donna Stewart and her recent paintings. Referencing the human body and movement of water, Donna’s work is truly striking and alive with vibrant color, texture and emotion

15. Northwest Healing Studio - 600 N 36th Street, Ste 320 -
Featured Artist: Stone sculpture by Deborah Bridges.

16. Oasis Art Gallery - 3644 Wallingford Ave N -
Featured Artists: Andy Reynolds, Alex Strazzanti, Arriba Stature, Lauren Black, Tracie Howe, & Joe Staiano - 'Cultural Dimensions'

17. Oohla's in Fremont Salon/Gallery - 711 N 35th St –
Featured Artist: Seattle photographer Kieran Jendro’s beautiful sepia tone photos of Paris
Featured Musician: Guitarist Travis Hartnett, All Ages, FREE

18. Petapoluza Pet Supply - 114 N 36th St -
Featured Artist: Jenny Persing of Raindog Pet Photography - striking fine art photography that captures the essence of your best friend!

19. Theo Chocolate - 3400 Phinney Ave N -

20. Trofeo - 3601 Woodland Park N, just a few short blocks east of the Troll -
Featured Artist: Local artist Ryan Molenkamp presents "Undeveloped property", a new series of oils on board.

21. Urbanweeds - 4302 Fremont Avenue N –
Featured Artist: Seattle based photographer Malcolm Smith presents nature in a different light with his exhibit, "Blue Grass and More Distortions of Nature."

22. WINDOWS art gallery - 4131 Woodland Park Avenue N -

Additional shops and galleries open:

Caffe Ladro - 452 N 36th Street -
Featured Artist:
Sarah T. Skinner - "Rabbit And Dog Get Take Out" Is Ms. Skinner's Bfa Senior Thesis Fow Uw's Photography Program.

Edge of Glass Gallery and Hotshop - 513 N 36th St Suite H -
Featured Artist: James M. Curtis III.

Icon Coffee - 4301 Fremont Ave N

ToST - 513 North Thirty-Sixth St., Space E –
Featured Artist: Osiris Indriya - Watercolor on Paper, Pastels on Paper, Acrylic on Wood, Oils on Wood and Canvas, and Digital on Canvas.
6:30 pm Featured Musician: Kristina Childs, 21 & over, FREE

Thank you!
To all the Contributors, Sponsors & Volunteers who are helping to make the Fremont First Friday Art Walk a success!

Brock Boehm / Aeolian / Lifework Images, / Donna Stewart, Music Promotions Director / Ron Henry Photography, / Lisa Magetteri, / Northwest Healing Studio / Fremont Space Building, / Mighty-O Doughnuts, / Starbucks Coffee / Fremont neighborhood FedEx Kinkos / Bell & Herb’s / Taco Dell Mar / Karen Thode