Friday, September 7th, 2007 - Event Program

(September 7th, 2007 Map and Cover - click on picture for full, printable document) (September 7th, 2007 Galleries and Artists - click on picture for full, printable document)
Live at Lenin - 36th and Evanston
Pick the evenings’ event program and enjoy live music performances, FREE, all ages.
7:00pm Dan Bonow
8:30pm Jane and the Hula Boys (a.k.a the Opossum Wranglers)

1. ArtFX Gallery - 420 N 35th St -
Featured Artist: “installation art” – anyone who walks in the door gets to pick up a hammer and help rebuild the gallery the fire this summer.

2. Cheka Looka Surf Shop - 3507 Evanston N -

3. Earthly Rituals - 600 N. 36th Street, Ste 321 -
Featured Artist: Gabrielle Abbott’s beautiful Seattle landscapes in a variety of media's including watercolor, ink, charcoal and paint.

4. EVO-X (∞) - 122 NW 36th St -

5. Florentia Clayworks - 218 Florentia (Right on the Q.A. side of the Fremont Bridge next to the saloon) -,,

6. Form-Space-Light Art Gallery - 619 N. 35th Street, Ste 102 (alley between 34th and 35th)
Featured Artist: Sculptor Alexei Kazantsev.

7. Frame Up Studios - 3515 Fremont Ave N -
Featured Artist: Artist Claire Mack uses encaustic, and other mixed media techniques to create haunting and whimsical beings that are at once protected and confined by their physical embodiment.

8. Frank and Dunya - 3418 Fremont Ave N
Featured Artist: Julia Gardner – a "happy marriage’’ of collage with resin.

9. Fremont Abbey Arts Center - 4272 Fremont Ave N -

10. Fremont Coffee - 459 N 36th St -
Featured Artist: Sami Khoury will be showing photography of his 6 months traveling through China.

11. Fremont Jewelry Design - 3510 Fremont Place N -
Featured Artist: Chanda Castillo - 'Lily, Roots and Mercy' is a vibrant & spiritual collection of mixed media, acrylic paintings and assemblage art pieces.

12. Gasworks Gallery - 3815 4th Ave NE -
8:00 - 11:00 pm – after hours party!

13. Habitude - 513 N 36th St -

14. Lifework Images 600 N 36th St, Ste 329 –
Featured Artists: Photographers LaRae and Cory Lobdell continue their current “Year of Life” photography essay in which images are taken every day during the 2007 year. The custom digital images are hand finished with mixed media and new prints are added every show.

15. Northwest Healing Studio - 600 N 36th Street, Ste 320 -
Featured Artist: Ellen Lyons, jewelry designer/metal smith.

16. Oasis Art Gallery - 3644 Wallingford Ave N -
Featured Artists: New work by Martha Carey, small seascape oil paintings by Colleen Lambert, floral vases from Marc Ouellette, garden sculptures by David Thompson, mosaics from Kelli Eggers, and ceramic teapots from Saly Lee.

17. Oohla's in Fremont Salon/Gallery - 711 N 35th St –
Featured Artist: Paintings on canvas and wood, oil and acrylic, oil pastel by Megan Keys.

18. Petapoluza Pet Supply - 114 N 36th St -

19. Theo Chocolate - 3400 Phinney Ave N -
Featured Artist: Beth Ann Galiardi - Pen and Ink on Paper.

20. Trofeo - 3601 Woodland Park N, just a few short blocks east of the Troll -

21. WINDOWS art gallery - 4131 Woodland Park Avenue N -

22. Urbanweeds - 4302 Fremont Avenue N –

23. Wit's End Books - 4262 Fremont Ave N -

24. Hidden Hand Tattoo – 3616 Fremont Place N. –
Featured Artists: Flat art done by the tattoo artists and employees of Hidden Hand Tattoo:
Jeff Cornell, Lindsey Johnson, Roni Falgout, Britt Orr, Riko Colin Chock and Ashley Dorr.

25. FRIDAY Glass - 448 1/2 35th N. (in the alley behind Rudys barber shop)
Featured Artists: Dan Friday, Jesse Kelly and Elli Bemis are all glass artists and make a range of work from functional to sculptural. Custom orders available.

Additional shops and galleries open:

Caffe Ladro - 452 N 36th Street
Featured Artist: Marek Wencel

Edge of Glass Gallery and Hotshop - 513 N 36th St Suite H
Featured Artist: James M. Curtis III - Free improvisational hot glass sculpture creations for guests.

i.o. Stone & Design - 408 North 35th Street (Alley)
Featured Artist: Michael Walmsley photography exhibit.
7:00pm Featured Musician: Elijah Grindstaff -.

ToST - 513 North Thirty-Sixth St., Space E
Featured Artist:
Paintings by Caitlin Blackinton.

Thank you!
To all the Contributors, Sponsors & Volunteers who are helping to make the Fremont First Friday Art Walk a success!

Dan Bonow / Jane and the Hula Boys / / Lifework Images / Donna Stewart, Music Promotions Director / Ron Henry Photography, / Mighty-O Doughnuts, / Starbucks Coffee / Bell & Herb’s / Taco Dell Mar / Karen Thode