Friday, June 1st 2007 Event Program

(June 1st, 2007 Map and Cover- click on picture for full, printable document)
(June 1st, 2007 Galleries and Artists - click on picture for full, printable document)

Live at Lenin 36th and Evanston
Pick the evenings’ event program and enjoy live music performances, FREE, all ages.
8:00pm Greenwood All*Stars

ArtFX Gallery - 420 N 35th St -

Avalon Massage & Bodywork - 600 N 36th St, Suite 218

Black Box Gallery/M-Cars - 4911 Aurora Ave North -

Caffe Ladro - 452 N 36th Street -

Earthly Rituals - 600 N. 36th Street, Ste 321 -
Featured Artist: Ingrid Alvares McNeely, multimedia artist specializing in oil painting, printmaking and watercolors. Shelby Adele Richardson will also be displayed.

Edge of Glass Gallery and Hotshop - 513 N 36th St Suite H -
Featured Artist: James M. Curtis III. Live Demonstrations of glass sculpting, flowers and starfish. Visitors get to choose colors and patterns, discuss this with James and then watch him create something for them to take home.

EVO-X (∞) - 122 NW 36th St -
Featured Artist: “MUkTi” featuring works by Melia and Toran.

Florentia Clayworks - 218 Florentia (Right on the Q.A. side of the Fremont Bridge next to the saloon) -,,

Form-Space-Light Art Gallery - 619 N. 35th Street

Frame Up Studios - 3515 Fremont Ave N -
Featured Artist: Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley paints scenes inspired by somberly humorous children's books of her youth, glittery advent calendar kitsch, Victorian design, overly romanticized scenic winter paintings and Russian Fairy Tales.

Frank and Dunya - 3418 Fremont Ave N

Featured Artist: Matthew Porter art based on Japanese woodcuts and Asian traditional lithographs - “Birds and Blossoms”

Fremont Abbey Arts Center - 4272 Fremont Ave N -
Featured Artist: Group art show from House de Infuego with works by: Brian Barber, C. Charles Bowden, Eric Fischer, Damien Jurado, Greg Lutze, Rustee Pace, Greg Nyssen, Amanda Ringstad, and Tim Tinker. DJ spinning and/or live music.

Fremont Coffee - 459 N 36th St -
Featured Artist: Kort and Meighan, the Essence of Fremont Coffee Co. including interviews and photos of customers and baristas.

Fremont Jewelry Design - 3510 Fremont Place N -
Featured Artist: Tim Candelaria, beautiful photography inspired by nature & form.

Gasworks Gallery - 3815 4th Ave NE -
8:00 - 11:00 pm - After Hours!

Habitude - 513 N 36th St -

Icon Coffee - 4301 Fremont Ave N
Featured Artist: Scott Erickson – paintings. Friday, June 1 through July 31 (2 months)

Northwest Healing Studio - 600 N 36th Street, Suite 320 -
Featured Artist: Maggie Schneider - multi-media painter

Oasis Art Gallery - 3644 Wallingford Ave N -
Featured Artists: 'Cultural Dimensions' show continues until July 20th. International photography and abstract paintings explore the concepts of aging, dreams, standing out, and life around the world. Lauren Black from Portland displays her abstract mixed media on wood paintings from the 'Transformation' and 'Weathered' series. Art from dreams is displayed in both the traditional canvas paintings and digital art forms by Arriba Stature. Lynne Auld, Joe Staiano, Tracie Howe and Andy Reynolds display photographs from Ireland, South Africa, Morocco, Greece, Croatia, Peru and Bhutan. A new series of tulips from Skagit Valley by Alex Strazzanti examine the positive and negative feelings of standing out in our culture.

Oohla's in Fremont Salon/Gallery - 711 N 35th St
Featured Artist: Seattle photographer Kieran Jendro shows photographs showcasing the City of Light - Paris, France. Please stop by and take a moment to enjoy the sights, light and life of Paris, all without leaving Seattle.

Petapoluza Pet Supply - 114 N 36th St -
Featured Artist: Jenny Persing of Raindog Pet Photography - striking fine art photography that captures the essence of your best friend!

Theo Chocolate - 3400 Phinney Ave N -
Featured Artist: Theo Chocolatier Autumn Martin. She will use the human figure and natural elements to push the boundaries of chocolate.

ToST - 513 North Thirty-Sixth St., Space E –
6:30 pm Featured Musician: Live down-tempo, hip-hop, and funk music of Kristina Childs
9:00 pm Featured Musician: NAHA, Aurora Queen, Schlage

Trofeo - 3601 Woodland Park N, just a few short blocks east of the Troll -
Featured Artist: Local artist Ryan Molenkamp presents "Undeveloped property", a new series of oils on board.
7:00-8:00 pm Featured Musician: Slow Skate

WINDOWS art gallery - 4131 Woodland Park Avenue N -
Featured Artist: Miriam Amos Nihart, a blend of America and the Far East through her choices of materials, compositions, and themes.

Thank you!

To all the Contributors, Sponsors & Volunteers who are helping to make the Fremont First Friday Art Walk a success!

Greenwood All*Stars / Lifework Images, / Donna Stewart, Music Promotions Director / Ron Henry Photography, / Lisa Magetteri, / Northwest Healing Studio / Fremont Space Building, / Mighty-O Doughnuts, / Starbucks Coffee / Fremont neighborhood UPS Store / Bell & Herb’s / Taco Dell Mar / Karen Thode


li_chia said...

HI just wonder if there is a July 6th event program?
I like to go to the art walk tomorrow night..