Friday, May 4th 2007 Event Program

(May 4th, 2007 Map and Cover- click on picture for full, printable document)
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Live at Lenin 36th and Evanston
Pick the evenings’ event program and enjoy live music performances, FREE, all ages.
6:00pm Dan Bonow
8:00pm The Luna Moth with Kristian Garrard

Special Event
Fremont Solstice Parade
fundraiser at the Fremont Doric Lodge! - 619 N 36th Street -
7:30 pm - Performance by the Solstice Cabaret. The Fremont Arts Council will provide a night of fun entertainment, delicious desserts, alcohol and refreshments. Price is $10-$30.

1. ArtFX Gallery - 420 N 35th St -
Featured Artist: Amy Hevron – New work

2. Avalon Massage & Bodywork - 600 N 36th St, Suite 218

3. Black Box Gallery/M-Cars
- 4911 Aurora Ave North -
Featured Artist: Kevin Drake

4. Caffe Ladro - 452 N 36th Street -
Featured Artist: Sarah Skinner - Photographer

5. Earthly Rituals - 600 N. 36th Street, Ste 321 -
Featured Artist: - Shelby Adele Richardson, and gem artist with Abby Designs Donace Childs.

6. Edge of Glass Gallery and Hotshop - 513 N 36th St Suite H -
Featured Artist: James M. Curtis III.

7. EVO-X (∞) - 122 NW 36th St -
Featured Artist: Pocket Full of Monsters and Friends

8. Florentia Clayworks - 218 Florentia (Right on the Q.A. side of the Fremont Bridge next to the saloon) -,,
Featured Artists: Eva Funderburgh -

9. Form-Space-Light Art Gallery - 619 N. 35th Street (5:00 – 10:00 pm)

10. Frame Up Studios - 3515 Fremont Ave N -
Featured Artist: Britt Speakman and her new series of paintings in acrylic and ink: "Private Signs".

11. Frank and Dunya - 3418 Fremont Ave N
Featured Artist: Images: Andrea Savar, Neclace earrings set "Pansy for your thoughts". Debbie Savar, original ink on paper "Dreams".

12. Fremont Abbey Arts Center - 4272 Fremont Ave N -
Featured Artist: Group art show from House de Infuego with works by: Brian Barber, C. Charles Bowden, Eric Fischer, Damien Jurado, Greg Lutze, Rustee Pace, Greg Nyssen, Amanda Ringstad, and Tim Tinker. DJ spinning and/or live music.

13. Fremont Coffee - 459 N 36th St -
Featured Artist: The Parker & Leanne Show.

14. Fremont Jewelry Design - 3510 Fremont Place N -
Featured Artist: Diana Comstock, lavish, vibrantly colored acrylic/collage paintings that take you into a mystical world inspired by Eastern spirituality, fairy tales, magic and dreams. -

15. Gasworks Gallery - 3815 4th Ave NE -
8:00 - 11:00 pm - After Hours!

16. Habitude - 513 N 36th St -

17. I.O. Stone - 408 N. 35th St (Alley door)
Featured Artist: Photographer Debbie Ableson – “Seattle-London”

18. Icon Coffee - 4301 Fremont Ave N

19. Lifework Images - 600 N 36th St, Suite 329 -
Featured Artist: LaRae & Cory Lobdell, original photography on mixed media – “Dreaming of Italy” and “Mexico”

20. Northwest Healing Studios - 600 N 36th Street, Suite 320 -
Featured Artist: Maggie Schneider - multi-media painter

21. Oasis Art Gallery - 3644 Wallingford Ave N -
Featured Artists: Portland artist Lauren Black's paintings of acrylic, copper and rust which explore the concept of aging. International photography by Tracie Howe and Joe Staiano. Floral photography by Andy Reynolds, Elvira Butler and Alex Strazzanti. Digital fine art inspired by dreams from Arriba Stature and live jazz music by Grant Perry and Mark Tomlinson - Bass & Guitar.

22. Oohla's in Fremont Salon/Gallery - 711 N 35th St
Featured Artist: Acrylic on canvas originals by Jenna Colby.

23. Sonic Boom General Store – 3416 Fremont Ave N –
Featured Artist: Steven Dewall’s photographs of musicians.

24. Theo Chocolate - 3400 Phinney Ave N -
Featured Artist: Watercolors by Sally Rawlings.

25. ToST - 513 North Thirty-Sixth St., Space E –
Featured Artist: Every Thursday night for the last 13 weeks ToST and it's patrons have enjoyed live painting by local artists while rocking out with Marmalade. Please come enjoy the visual fruits from the past 3 months this Friday, May 4th, from 6-9pm, where the 13 pieces will be on display at ToST. This show will run through May 30th. Artists include: Jennifer May, Eric Nez, David Heskin,Erin Hilleary, and Dawn Dacus Also enjoy the live down-tempo, hip-hop, and funk music of Kristina Childs.

26. Trofeo - 3601 Woodland Park N, just a few short blocks east of the Troll -
Featured Artist: Katie Miller, mixed media glass and beeswax collections.

27. WINDOWS art gallery - 4131 Woodland Park Avenue N -
Featured Artist: Miriam Amos Nihart, a blend of America and the Far East through her choices of materials, compositions, and themes.

28. Fremont Healing Arts - 720 North 35th Street, 2nd floor - Featured Artist: Teri Akin - “The Children of Varanasi” a collection of photography benefiting The Little Stars School for orphans and street children in Varanasi, India.

Thank you!
To all the Contributors, Sponsors & Volunteers who are helping to make the Fremont First Friday Art Walk a success!

Dan Bonow -
Luna Moth -
Lifework Images –
Donna Stewart, Music Promotions Director
Ron Henry Photography -
Mighty-O Doughnuts -
Starbucks Coffee -
Fremont Space Building -
Fremont neighborhood UPS Store -
Bell & Herb’s
Taco Dell Mar -
Lisa Magetteri -
Karen Thode