August 2011

6-9 PM (unless hours are otherwise noted) RAIN OR SHINE!



One man band Nick Moyer will be bringing his simultaneous accordion, trumpet, and drum playing skills to the Lenin statue from 7pm - 8pm on Friday, August 5th.  This talented musician and Columbia University student has been seen entertaining the public from the Ballard Sunday Market to the New York City subways, covering everyone from Sufjan Stevens to  Irving Berlin to Yann Tiersen's "Amelie" soundtrack.  Stop by the Lenin statue (at the corner of Fremont Place N and Evanston Ave N) and check out his impressive live performance!

The Fremont Arts Council will also be hosting an art-making booth in the square from 7-8:30pm, teaching art walkers how to make Fabulous Felt Corsages.  The clothing theme is in keeping with their upcoming fundraiser: Funky Fabulous Clothes Swap on Sat., Aug. 27th from 1-5pm at the Fremont Doric Lodge.

420 N. 35th St.
"Recently, I have turned my hands away from fabric and machine stitch to freeform hand-knitting to create three-dimensional abstract fiber works. Inspired by large shapes in nature, such as mountain sides and mima mounds, they are studies of serenity and strength. The softness of the knit structures belies the ruggedness of the hard solids of rocky mountainsides and packed earth of the mounds. Other pieces are brighter and whimsical, using the media to lighten the emotion." - Maki
Regular hours: Thursday to Sunday, 12-5pm
Phone: 206.545.7459


3510 Fremont Place N 
Textural oil paintings of a truly subjective nature, which can grow and subtly change through the process of oxidation.  Enjoy free jewelry inspection/cleaning and refreshments while you peruse!
Phone: 206.547.5551
Regular hours: Tues-Sat 10-6pm

3409 Woodland Park Ave N.
Born of Scottish parents, raised in Switzerland, trained by the Dutch at the de Kooning Academie, figurative painter Fiona McGuigan brings a worldly view to her paintings of wrestlers and dancers. Her current work is all about capturing the human figure in motion, finding the moment of impact when bodies collide and exploring the nationalistic overtones found in images of Swiss wrestling.
Fiona’s work has been seen at the Whatcom County Museum in Bellingham, Gallery 110 in Seattle, Gallery One in Ellensburg, and at the Stage Gallery in New York.  Her paintings have also been shown at the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle, where Fiona trained and is now the assistant director.
Regular Hours: Th-Fri 4-8:30 pm, Sat. Noon-8:30 pm, Sun. Noon-5pm
Phone: 206.420.2407

1300 N Northlake Way
Lisa Ström is an artist, illustrator, designer, crafter and daydreamer.  She grew up in sunny California, completed her higher education in the chilly nether regions of Western Michigan and Southern Ontario, and now lives in the Emerald City.   Ström draws inspiration from Mexican and Asian folk art, vintage paper and fabric, nature, the art of Gustav Klimt, Maurice Sendak, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Shel Silverstein, Mary Blair, and life in general.  
Wine for $5/glass, or 5/$20.  Live music by Pearl Django Trio.
Winery Hours: Friday 5pm-9pm
Phone: 206.632.7516

100 NE Northlake Way, Ste. 200
Moon Lee studied Painting in her native Seoul, South Korea and Printmaking at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Upon completing her studies, her art became an exploration into human relationships - to both one's self and to others. There is a layer of spirituality in her work, such as the organic strokes of red lines which represent one's thoughts, aura and emotion. These "strokes of lines" are the soul of one's existence in solitude. However, amongst the company of others, these strokes are also the energy that binds, aligns or opposes people to or from each other.  Lee's commitment and growth in art stems from both professional practice and in teaching.  Phone: 206.523.6150  ~  OPEN 6PM - 8PM

122 NW 36th St.
Inspired by the contradictory yearnings for wanderlust and roots, Oh, That Sweet Unrest is a series of paintings conceived while on a solo 5,000 mile bike ride across the United States. Titled after a line from Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, the series explores the tension between the desire for home and the wild pull of forward momentum. 
Regular hours: M-Sat 11-8pm, Sun. 11-7pm
Phone: 206.973.4470

309 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103, above LTD Bar & Grill
Artist: Brian Nunes, Surrealist Paintings plus a live acoustic set by Andrew Anderson
"To me surrealism is the documenting of inner vision, the evidence of a greater reality poking its strange and mysterious head through the blinded windows of our curious eyes.  And so do my paintings document my inner imaginings, which I strive to portray as vividly as my hands allow." - Nunes
Andrew Anderson is an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist (harp, cittern, guitar, banjo, mandolin, etc.) whose plans to study classical guitar took a turn when he discovered the harp and Celtic music.
Phone: 1.800.838.3006

3515 Fremont Ave. N
Tostenson's latest body of work concentrates on capturing the forests of the Cascades through his lens.  One image in this show is of a California forest…guess which one it is and you get 20% off any one of the framed art in the show.
Phone: 206.547.4657
Regular hours: M-Sa 10am-6pm, Su 11am-5pm

3526 Fremont Place N., Ste. D (behind Lenin statue)
Artist: John Hughes & Ed McGehee (Cigar Box Guitars) & Josh Hughes (Photography)
Cigar Box instruments date back to the 1840's, and thanks to artists like John Hughes & Ed McGehee, you can still find them being displayed and sold at tucked-away jewels like Fremont Cigar.  And while you're there, take in the luminous, summer-drenched photography of Josh Hughes - a budding photographer and student at Central Washington University.  
Regular hours: M-Sat. 11am-8pm, Sun. Noon-6pm
Phone: 206.547.5374

621 N. 35th St. (New Location!!!)
Derek Sullivan's nostalgic and whimsical illustrations are created using a mixture of digital and traditional materials. He's inspired by mid-century cartoon art and animation and the children's books of M. Sasek.
Phone: 206.547.5221
Regular hours: Daily 10am-7pm


600 N. 36th St., 3rd floor (in the Space Building)
Most of my work is about those things in my life that give me joy: love, music, the natural world, my Danish parents; but sometimes the dark side visits my work as well. I've done a lot of traveling in my life, and those experiences have influenced my work. I spent some time down in Antarctica doing seasonal work from 1989 to 2000 – and it was in this place that I could really tap into a reflective space, influenced by light and the lack of light. Antarctica is truly a lonely and stark landscape that I found very inspiring. The effect of the time there still carries through to my current artwork. And as I live in the Pacific Northwest I cannot help but admire my fellow artists, contemporary and past, and I can see the effect of the light here that comes through in these artists' work. It's important to me to notice this beauty here and everywhere and draw from it.
Phone: 206.724.6644
Regular Hours: M-Sat. 11am-6pm, Sun. 11am-5pm

3601 Fremont Ave N., #101 (entrance on 36th)
"The Weak Signal Series lifts particularly glitchy stills from an old TV. I then paint based on the digital photos from the stills. I work in acrylics on canvas employing a technique mostly seen in Grecian pottery called sgraffiti. This entails painting or glazing over a darker ground a lighter ground and then exposing the darker ground through the act of scratching or drawing into the surface. This creates a highly graphic line that is the armature of the rest of the picture. I strive to get the nature of the life behind the gaze of my subjects. It is their character that informs the line and color." - Willis
Regular hours: Tu-Th 5-10pm, F-Sa 5-11pm,Su 5-10pm
Phone: 206.632.2266

513 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103
Artist: TBD
Phone: 206.547.5730
Regular Hours: M,W,Th Noon-7pm, Fri-Sat. Noon-6pm, Sun. Noon-5pm. (Closed Tues.)

1051 N. 35th St.
Born into a family or artists, Mike first took up woodworking, then moved on to stained glass work which he enjoyed for many years.  He then started working with blown glass, eventually opening his own “hot glass” studio.  In his quest to find a “job” & hobby to enjoy when he retires, he found metal work.  Pond enjoys spending time gardening with his wife & granddaughter, so the sunflowers fit right in.  Since no two pieces are (ever) alike he keeps coming up with new ideas and the creations keep growing.   Wine and dessert will be served.
Phone: 206.632.1760

Venue: Pie
3515 Fremont Ave N, Ste B
Artist: Marko Reyes-Jech, Tile Art
Tile art for your home or garden, made from recycled tiles and materials.
Phone: 206.436.8590 
Regular Hours: Tu-Sat. 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 9pm-2am, Sun. 10am-6pm

3516 Fremont Pl N
Artist: Christina Thomas, Mixed Media Paintings
"Speak Your Truth is a collection of paintings that are acrylic, ink and tissue on canvas. They are unique because the words are formed out of tissue and bathed in ink. I began this project after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I lost my ability to walk, speak and the use of my hands. This experience drove me to Speak My Truth. I have painted these words into life on the canvas." - Thomas  
BONUS: $1 off dumplings when you mention the phrase "Make Art, not war".
Phone: 206.387.1702
Regular hours: 5pm - late night, Everyday

Venue: Show Pony
702 N. 35th St.
Artist: TBD
Phone: 206.706.4188
Regular Hours: M-Sat. 11am-6pm, Sun. 11am-5pm