June 2011

6-9 PM (unless hours are otherwise noted) RAIN OR SHINE!



With the Fremont Fair coming up, we need help creating lots of colorful adornments for the grand event!  Artist Sonia Telesco will have a tent set up next to the Lenin statue during the art walk, where she will be sharing her celebration art tie dye techniques to create this community art project; an assemblage of hand painted banners decorating the street and stages for the Solstice Parade!  All ages welcome to participate (kid friendly with adult assist).
There is no charge for this fantastic lesson in celebration arts, but you can always donate to the Fremont Arts Council & the Solstice Parade at this link: 

100 NE Northlake Way, Ste. 200
"Printmaking (is) a revolutionary medium. The possibility of multiples allows for a wider distribution of work.  This is significant, as sharing ones experience and ones own existence in a fundamental reason to create.  Multiples also lead to lower prices, widening the market to a larger economic range.  The imagery within my work also holds to these ideals, and attempts to dissolve barriers by remaining ambiguous.  Much of my work is figurative, as seeing ourselves strengthens the connection and allows all of us to relate.  Each piece is a variable, open for each individual to draw and relate to it for themselves."
Phone: 206.523.6150  ~  OPEN 6PM - 8PM

122 NW 36th St.
Ever wonder what life-size replicas of your favorite spaceships and ray guns would look like? Well wonder no longer. Join us in the Timesinity Gallery on June 3rd for Future Archeology by Steve Lestat.
Regular hours: M-Sat 11-8pm, Sun. 11-7pm
Phone: 206.973.4470


Venue: Show Pony
702 N. 35th St.
Madison Brewton exercises her creativity in both the fine and graphic arts.  She studied Book Arts in Italy, and holds a BFA (emphasis in Graphic Design) from Seattle University.  Her work has been exhibited around Seattle and featured in Oprah At Home Magazine.
Phone: 206.706.4188
Regular Hours: M-Sat. 11am-6pm, Sun. 11am-5pm

3515 Fremont Ave. N
Artist: Kat Taylor, Sculpture
Seattle sculptor Kat Taylor creates abstract life-size sculptures in clay.  Much of her work poses questions, and makes assertions, about the development of the inner life.  Images of flame, bird, root, blood, fire appear on her pieces, drawing from the realms of Neolithic art, depth psychology, and a variety of religious and poetic traditions.

Also, Frame Up is your source for this year's Fremont Fair posters on sale now!  11"x17" for $7 (or $40 framed), 16"x20" for $10 (or $59 framed).  All proceeds benefit the Solid Ground Foundation.
Phone: 206.547.4657
Regular hours: M-Sa 10am-6pm, Su 11am-5pm

700 NW 42nd St., Studio# 348 (3rd floor)
Burrelsman believes art is a powerful way to share stories, emotions and unconscious connections. Through her art, she shares her love of nature and good design and her dedication to environmental issues.  Teresa's work ranges from representational to abstract, exploring themes of nature, memories, architectural composition and patterns.     Phone: 206.706.6606

1300 N Northlake Way
Stop by to see Michael Kleven's photography of the 2009 Fremont Fair and enjoy a glass of wine.  (Wine for $5/glass, or 5/$20.)  Live music by The Jelly Rollers, plus Here and There food truck will be serving their mouth-watering culinary fare from the winery parking lot.
Winery Hours: Friday 5pm-9pm
Phone: 206.632.7516

621 N. 35th St. (New Location!!!)
Larry, Ron and Bina work together as the Fremont-based Jones team, designing and producing 5 lines of home furnishings and custom architectural work.  Together, the trio has pooled their experience in photography, sculpture, and stained glass into a unique palette of tools to draw upon in the creative process.  Jones Glassworks has always been about creating art glass that people would use. Design inspiration has come from such places as the materials used, as in the Euphrates series, and from the Puget Sound, which was the inspiration behind the Sealife series. Throughout the years, special design runs of sculptural and wall pieces have been produced as well as custom public art projects. 
Phone: 206.547.5221
Regular hours: Daily 10am-7pm

513 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103
Artist: Ann McBurney, Oil Paintings
Ann’s been drawing and painting for work and pleasure since forever, yet she’s new to working with oil.  For us she chose to evoke the romance and passion of cycling by revisiting commercial bicycle art from the turn of the last century. In using oils, Ann finds the striking graphics and colorful images of these vintage designs made new again.  Much as she feels when riding a bike – like a kid again.  Phone: 206.547.5730
Regular Hours: M,W,Th Noon-7pm, Fri-Sat. Noon-6pm, Sun. Noon-5pm. (Closed Tues.)

1051 N. 35th St.
Artist: Alice Schroder, Sculpture
Even though Alice closed her specialty nursery, she can’t keep her hands out of the soil—only this time the soil is clay! She has created some lovely ceramic post finials, candelabras and unique sculptural pieces that will add color and charm to any garden.  Wine and dessert will be served.
Phone: 206.632.1760

3503 Phinney Avenue North
Exhibit: Fremont Fair artists/vendors Uzura, Danilo Navaro, & Semilla Designs…PLUS: art cars (!!!), a vino preview featuring wines to be poured in the new Proletariat Wine Company and Small Lot Co-Op Wine Garden, and poster signing by this year's Fremont Fair poster artist David Waterworth
Uzura: A graphic designer based in Seattle who loves nature and sewing combined her interests to create these works. All products are eco-friendly and made from hemp or organic cotton with original screen-printed designs of her own inspired by nature.  
Danilo Navaro learned the art of jewelry making while traveling throughout his country, Peru. Influenced by the natural beauty of Peru, he incorporates shells from the coast, stones from the Andes Mountains, and seeds from the Amazon Jungle into his work.
Semilla Designs was born out of the desire to bring fragments of distant cultures to urban areas. Started by two young designers, Semilla is a unique jewelry line that combines fashion, anthropology, art and ecology.
Phone: 206.633.0422

3510 Fremont Place N 
"Oil on Canvas ~ Creating an illusion of structural balance using forceful whimsical imagery & overindulgent color palettes that celebrate the beautiful mess of the human condition…"  As always, free jewelry inspection/cleaning while you enjoy the art & refreshments!
Phone: 206.547.5551
Regular hours: Tues-Sat 10-6pm

Venue: Studio R
315 N. 36th St., Ste# 201 (2nd floor, above Piece of Mind)
Mark Siano is a Seattle based artist who works primarily in creating ink representations of nature.  A self-proclaimed "Sharpie Artist", Siano uses the iconic black markers to illustrate the branches, bramble, and the twisting entanglements that dominate the Pacific Northwest Landscape.  In addition to the swirling and snarl silhouettes that have become the artist's trademark, Siano is also greatly influenced by the stylized patterns of early art nouveau.  Inspired by the famous works of Mucha, Beardsley, and Gaudi, Mark likes to take a darker twist on the beauty of nature.

3526 Fremont Place N., Ste. D (behind Lenin statue)
Artist: Josh Hughes, Photography
Summer can't come soon enough?  Stop by the exhibit at Fremont Cigar for an early dose of sun via the photography of Josh Hughes - a budding photographer and student at Central Washington University.
Regular hours: M-Sat. 11am-8pm, Sun. Noon-6pm
Phone: 206.547.5374

3601 Fremont Ave N., #101 (entrance on 36th)
Margot Bird is a prolific Seattle artist working with a variety of materials. Her abstracted figurative paintings push boundaries and are pleasantly unsettled in their composition. Margot has exhibited in numerous galleries in Seattle and Wisconsin.  These two examples are acrylic paints on distressed wood.  Regular hours: Tu-Th 5-10pm, F-Sa 5-11pm,Su 5-10pm
Phone: 206.632.2266

Venue: Pie
3515 Fremont Ave N, Ste B
Deborah Faas is a Seattle-based artist. While primarily self-taught, she completed a yearlong apprenticeship with noted surrealist painter, Francesca Sundsten.  Currently she is working on paintings that explore the historical and emotional qualities of American artifact, with a focus on vintage cinematography and boxing stills. 
Phone: 206.436.8590 
Regular Hours: Tu-Sat. 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 9pm-2am, Sun. 10am-6pm

3409 Woodland Park Ave N.
Artist: Matt O'Meara, Acrylic Chalk Drawings
Stop in for the tasty local brews and check out O'Meara's work in acrylic chalks while you're there, focusing on bold colors and PG themes.
Regular Hours: Th-Fri 4-8:30 pm, Sat. Noon-8:30 pm, Sun. Noon-5pm
Phone: 206.420.2407

3516 Fremont Pl N
Artist: Tiger Parker, Mixed Media
Simplicity, both crude and clean, meanders through the collages, showbills, portraits, and other weirdness by Tiger Parker. A self-described "archivartist", with traditional drafting implements Parker explores the tactile realm of cut-out to create a deft array of personal, political, and promotional imagery.  Receive $1 off dumplings when you say the phrase "make art, not war".
Phone: 206.387.1702
Regular hours: 5pm - late night, Everyday

420 N. 35th St.
What attracted us to Janet and made us want to show her was the lushness of her paintings. Images of jungles and gardens are thick with all manner of plants and creatures. But then that contrasts with her still lifes: simple, graceful, serene. Janet describes her process like this: "I paint and sculpt mainly from my imagination. I create a story in my mind, and then I try and create it on canvas or in clay."  Join as and see the world that comes from this beautiful imagination! 
Regular hours: Thursday to Sunday, 12-5pm
Phone: 206.545.7459

Born and raised in Bali Indonesia, Sumaradana attended art school in Ubud, Bali where he continues to work on his paintings, build handmade teak furniture, and run his beautiful 3-story retreat center (available to guests for overnight or longer at reasonable rates).  Originally Made's paintings adhered to a very traditional Balinese style, but throughout the years he has developed his own techniques and a variety of different painting styles unique to him. His art has been described as "larger than life" and "capturing the pure essence of imagination and creativity", and have been displayed worldwide.
Regular hours: M-F 9am-9pm
Phone: 206.319.5323