Fremont First Friday Art Walk - December 3rd, 2010

6-9 PM
(unless hours are otherwise noted) 



Center of the Universe continues it's odd tradition
5-6pm at Lenin Square (intersection of Fremont Place N. and N. 36th St.) 

Leave it to Fremont to create such an odd tradition as lighting a communist statue like a Christmas tree.  With the help of City Lights Sign Company and a couple of local artists, we'll be bringing back the lights again this year with festivities in Lenin Square from 5-6pm.  Enjoy live music by Rabbit Stew String Band and free refreshments: Peet's coffee, sweetened mint tea (for the kids), hot cocoa, and Mighty-O Donuts!  The neighborhood will welcome Santa bearing oranges for the kiddos, who then get to flip the switch to illuminate the statue around 5:30pm.  Don't be late or you'll miss the showdown!

1300 N Northlake Way
 Venezuelan-born Vitols is a travel/documentary photographer and creative writer.  She has pursued documentary work throughout the world, and currently lives/works in Seattle, WA.
Live blues rock by The Jelly Rollers (5-9pm).  Pai's (Hawaiian) mobile food truck in the parking lot.  Wine for $5/glass (or 5/$20).  This is a great place to start your evening and then work your way around to the other galleries!  Winery Hours: Friday 3pm-9pm
Phone: 206.632.7516

Venue: Caffe Vita
4301 Fremont Ave. N
Apple's "Mexico Series" is on display at Caffe Vita.  She lives and works in Seattle.
Regular hours: M-F 6am-8pm, Sat-Sun 7am-8pm
Phone: 206.632.3535

4272 Fremont Ave N (across the street from Caffe Vita)
Artists: various - Paintings & Sculpture
"Facets Of The Imagination" is a group show featuring the work of Angielena Vitale Chamberlain, Debra Bell, Jim Pirie, Lance Carleton, & Joel Scholten.

Venue: NoteBleu
600 N. 36th St., Floor 3
"Doppelg√§nger" is a visual exploration of a well-known concept from German folklore: a double of oneself, as conveyed through the lens of a Lomo 360 camera during travels to Masson's ancestral homeland of France.  Live musical accompaniment by the Seattle Philharmonic Cello Choir.
Phone: 206.905.9278

513 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103
Artist: Tess Corrinne Jordan, Paintings
Tess describes her work as an exploration of the way memory changes with each layer of recollection.  Some things clear, others blurred.  These works explore memories of September in Conova, S.D.:  forgotten bicycles in the yard, the sheen of a harvest apple.

3515 Fremont Ave. N
Artist: Ann Hunstiger, Paintings
Using oil paints and tissue paper, Hunstiger presents colorful abstracts she creates using a meditation process called “touch drawing”. The focus is to explore letting go of preconceived ideas and through meditation, allow images to be expressed. The work is eclectic – drawing from the unconscious bringing forth recognizable forms and unpredictable shapes.
Phone: 206.547.4657
Regular hours: M-Sa 10am-6pm, Su 11am-5pm

3601 Fremont Ave N., #101 (entrance on 36th)
Artist: Scott Cahill Rude, Photography
Scott Cahill Rude's photographic series "Reflecting On Seattle" carries an eye-catching thread of water and light reflection throughout.  These pieces capture a unique perspective of our northwest city as seen through the eyes of a native Seattlite returned home.
Regular hours: Tu-Th 5-10pm, F-Sa 5-11pm,Su 5-10pm
Phone: 206.632.2266

122 NW 36th St.
Artist: Anthony Boronowski, Paintings
Canadian artist and former professional skier Anthony Boronowski presents works that show the dialogue between death and beauty.
Regular hours: M-Sat 11-8pm, Sun. 11-7pm
Phone: 206.973.4470

Venue: Studio R
315 N. 36th St., Ste# 201 (2nd floor, above Piece of Mind)
Artist: Bren Sullivan, Sculpture and Rabbit Stew String Band, Bluegrass
Growing up in rural Mississippi, Sullivan strived to live up to the religious and cultural standards of how a "proper southern girl" looks and behaves - perfect and pretty.  Her imperfect doll-like figurative work represents a sense of re-birth and ascension to a spiritual place free from the imposed bonds of vanity and perfection, religious dogma, and attitudes of intolerance.  Rabbit Stew String Band will be adding live, toe-tapping bluegrass to the gallery atmosphere from 7:30-9pm.

Venue: ActivSpaces
700 NW 42nd St., Seattle WA 98107
Come join the ActivSpace artists hosting open studios this Fremont First Friday, walk the halls and visit old favorites and discover new.  ActivSpaces is teeming with talent…artisans of fine jewelry, still life, funky art work & funky art wear, silkscreen printers, Ikebana, vintage bikes, graphic design, contemporary objects, wood turners, head turners, widgets & custom creations have been calling ActivSpaces home since 1995.  Come walk the building and visit the many open studios at ActivSpaces.  Situated right on the Burke-Gilman trail at 700 NW 42nd Street, start your art walk here or finish up as we are just a convenient block away from Hales Brewery on Leary Way NW.

Featured Artist of the Month: TBD

420 N. 35th St.
Artist: Melanie Reed, Collage
Melanie Reed has always identified with Surrealist art because of its evocative, symbolic and often disturbing language so appropriate for describing the "floating world" between nature's harmony and man's disharmony.  Through the medium of Collage, she has discovered her own way of organizing the chaotic and overwhelming thoughts that often accompany a life out of balance. 
Regular hours: Thursday to Sunday, 12-5pm
Phone: 206.545.7459

3510 Fremont Place N 
Artist: Michael Tolleson & Jack Carl Anderson, Paintings
There two Seattle-based artists work in acrylics, taking the ordinary and revealing something extraordinary about it's place in the world.  Free jewelry inspection/cleaning & 10% off all retail items while you enjoy art & refreshments!
Regular hours: Tues-Sat 10-6pm
Phone: 206.547.5551

760 N. 34th St.
Artist: Ed Campbell, Photography
Architect and photographer Ed Campbell is still actively pursuing his crafts at the wizened age of 95 years.  "As an architect I am registering the shape, style  and ornamentation of buildings all the time.  While the camera I use does not accommodate the sweep of grand facades,  what I look for are elements of the design which can be isolated and enhanced to become independent art studies."
Regular hours: M-F 9am-9pm
Phone: 206.319.5323

3409 Woodland Park Ave N.
Artist: David Scudder, Paintings, Drawings, & Videography
Come check out the launch of Fremont Brewery's promo video by soulmoto, as well as fine art by the brains behind it: David Scudder.
Regular hours: Thurs-Fri. 4pm-8:30pm, Sat. Noon-8:30pm, Sun. Noon-5pm
Phone: 206-420-2407

Venue: Urban Earth - A Nursery in Fremont
1051 N. 35th St.
Artist: Jonathan Arras, Paintings
"Spirals In Love" depicts fantastic creatures spiraling in and out of love, depicted in bright watercolors with ink. Figures traditionally associated with children's art (magical beings, monsters, anthropomorphized animals) are often burdened with very human and sometimes adult emotions. Common themes are delirious love, loneliness, and giant desserts.
Phone: 206.632.1760