November 5th, 2010 Fremont First Friday Art Walk

6-9 PM
(unless hours are otherwise noted) 



Venue: Activspace
700 NW 42nd St., Seattle WA 98107
Come join the ActivSpace artists hosting open studios this Fremont First Friday, walk the halls and visit old favorites and discover new.  ActivSpace is teeming with talent.  Artisans of fine jewelry, still life, funky art work & funky art wear, silkscreen printers, Ikebana, vintage bikes, graphic design, contemporary objects, wood turners, head turners, widgets & custom creations have been calling Activspace home since 1995.  Situated right on the Burke-Gilman trail at 700 NW 42nd Street, start your art walk here or finish up as we are just a convenient block away from Hales Brewery on Leary Way NW.
Featured Artist of the Month: Maude May, studio# 443/445
Maude May has been creating art in one form or another since age three (drawing dog bones on her family’s walls, much to her parents’ dismay). Now with advanced degrees in both photography and textiles, Maude has won industry awards for her graphic design and her art has been featured in various publications.  

Specializing in clever invitations, favors and party ephemera for both private and corporate clients, Maude designs logos and related business collateral. Additionally she works in both fiber and paper collage, utilizing found objects, handmade papers and her own photographs and rubber stamp images.

3409 Woodland Park Ave N.
Artist: Suze Woolf
Woolf is a realist painter, but her message is in the contrast of subject matter, bold execution and a medium not typical for such subjects.  "Our commercial infrastructures — modern gantry cranes, container ships, loading docks, cement plants attended by barges of raw ingredients — are our civilization’s unintentional monuments. It is not typical to explore such subject matter in watercolor. Watercolor has long been the choice of the well-off tourist, portraying a lovely, genteel, above all “nice” world — I strive to demonstrate it as a medium of visual, emotional and intellectual impact."  
Regular hours: Thurs-Fri. 4pm-8:30pm, Sat. Noon-8:30pm, Sun. Noon-5pm
Phone: 206-420-2407

1300 N Northlake Way
Broker is an artist from the Pacific Northwest who specializes in oils and acrylics.  Through painting, she conveys her sense of identity and her emotions without words.  A wife and mother, she finds inspiration in life's ups and downs, and considers art to be an amazing outlet and gift that God has given her to share with the world.  
Live blues rock by The Jelly Rollers (5-9pm). 
Where Ya at Matt and Street Treats mobile food trucks in the parking lot.  
Wine for $5/glass (or 5/$20).  This is a great place to start your evening and then work your way around to the other galleries!  

Winery Hours: Friday 3pm-9pm
Phone: 206.632.7516

3400 Phinney Ave n
Seasoned musicians Tim Parker, TEd Granger, Karen England, and Sandra Hankins deliver their top-of-the-genre cajun sound in the cozy, delicious atmosphere of Fremont's beloved chocolate factory.  The purpose of this music is dancing, so come on out and get moving!
Phone: 206.632.5100
Regular hours: Daily 10am-6pm

Venue: Caffe Vita
4301 Fremont Ave. N
"My work transforms the banal into the biological through photography and a marriage of domestic materials.  My goal is to restore a kind of material nobility to the commonplace object and a re-evaluation of how we 'know' it.  The work also exploits the biological and sexual associations we assign to particular forms and colors."
Regular hours: M-F 6am-8pm, Sat-Sun 7am-8pm
Phone: 206.632.3535

4272 Fremont Ave N (across the street from Caffe Vita)
Artists: various
"Urban Landscapes: The Abstract Context Instigates" is macro study of Seattle as seen through the lenses of Charles Blackburn, Matthew Sumi, Dylan Priest, Melanie Masson, Robert Ashman, and Craig van den Bosch.

Venue: NoteBleu
600 N. 36th Street, Floor 3
Artists: Laurie Scullin
Scullin creates mixed media artwork with the use of computer circuit boards and traditional Southwestern materials.  His work examines the intersection of materialism in the modern and ancient ages.
Phone: 206.905.9278

513 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103
Tess describes her work as an exploration of the way memory changes with each layer of recollection.  Some things clear, others blurred.  These works explore memories of September in Conova, S.D.:  forgotten bicycles in the yard, the sheen of a harvest apple.

619 N. 36th St., #100 (in alley behind PCC)
Artists: various artists 
"Northwest Wood Fire: An Introductory Dialog to the Art of Wood Firing in the Northwest" will feature the work of 23 local ceramics artists.
Phone: 206-632-4848

619 N. 35th St., Ste. 110 (alley behind PCC)
Artists: YOU
This month CLC is pleased to offer custom-made greeting cards.  Take a photo of you and your friends in our neighborhood-renowned photobooth, and for just $20 we will print five of your pictures and assemble them into one-of-a-kind blank greeting cards you can use for your most important occasions!  Take them with you that night, or have them shipped anywhere for just $2 more.  And as always, we will have delicious cake and cheap bubbly.  We can’t wait to see you there!
Phone: 206.397.4314

3515 Fremont Ave. N
Seattle native Tostenson's passion is black and white photography, and he continues to explore different methods and approaches to each body of landscape work he creates.  His images, be they printed in a traditional darkroom or digitally enhanced, always bear his signature high contrast, painterly, otherworldly style.
Phone: 206.547.4657
Regular hours: M-Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 11am-5pm

122 NW 36th St.
Artists: The Rare and Vintage Snowboard Show
A collection of snowboard industry locals and greats will showcase their 40-50 vintage snowboards along with some bindings, and vintage outerwear.  It will be a rare exhibition that takes gallery goers down memory lane tracing back 40+ years of technological developments, innovations in board graphics and the culture the accompanied the sports.  Come out for the First Friday Opening exhibit to check out this rare exhibit, some retro snowboard films and a showing of Pirate Productions latest snowboard flick!  6-10pm
Regular hours: M-Sat 11-8pm, Sun. 11-7pm
Phone: 206.973.4470

Venue: Studio R
315 N. 36th St., Ste# 201 (2nd floor, above Piece of Mind)
Artist: Mark LaFalce
LaFalce is known for his paintings, drawings and Giclee prints.  "My goal is to show parts of the landscape that are hidden, obscured from our focus, revealing light and beauty in places where one wouldn't think possible. I search for lost images in an archive only my creative conscious can see, and in finding the emotional connection, I find the subject."

420 N. 35th St.
Artist: Melanie Reed
Melanie Reed has always identified with Surrealist art because of its evocative, symbolic and often disturbing language so appropriate for describing the "floating world" between nature's harmony and man's disharmony.  Through the medium of Collage, she has discovered her own way of organizing the chaotic and overwhelming thoughts that often accompany a life out of balance. 
Regular hours: Thursday to Sunday, 12-5pm
Phone: 206.545.7459

3510 Fremont Place N 
Artists: Satya Curcio and Nico Rich
Curcio's photography is a culmination of experiments with light, color, and statuary.  Inspired by years of study in Buddhism and meditation, these film photographs were taken with the intent of providing a doorway into ways of being we may have temporarily forgotten.  Nico Rich Jewelry Trunk Show: featuring mostly one-of-a-kind pieces, Nico's designs are modern, unique & unforgettable.  Free jewelry inspection/cleaning & 10% off all retail items while you enjoy art & refreshments!
Regular hours: Tues-Sat 10-6pm
Phone: 206.547.5551

100 NE Northlake Way Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98105
Artist: Wyn Bielaska
Architect Wyn Bielaska has been photographing ship hulls for the past 15 years. "These photographs are part of an ongoing exploration utilizing large steel ship hulls as the central subject matter in the study of manmade materials and the impact of natural forces upon them. They are important exercises for me as a visual designer . . . that serve my daily pursuit of spatial and form composition." Selections for this show were photographed in Vancouver BC, Seattle and Tacoma Washington. 
Art Walk Hours: 6-8pm   
Phone: 206.523.6150

760 N. 34th St.
Artist: Cathleen Shattuck
The multi-talented Cathleen Shattuck is a working commercial/product photographer whose work has been published in American Spa Magazine, Daily Candy, and in various Seattle and Vashon locales.  She is also a published poet, and musician for Splitfoot's Mystery School.
"Photography is about being present. When we make an image, like the aperture, we are open and engaging in the now. With nature photography immediacy takes precedent. Whether you’ve waited minutes, hours or days for the shot, this may never happen the same way again. Show up for it with your eyes open or it’s gone." 
Regular hours: M-F 9am-9pm
Phone: 206.319.5323