~ May 3rd~


 6-9 PM (unless hours are otherwise noted) RAIN OR SHINE!


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Bellefleur Lingerie

3504 Fremont Place N

Artist: Nikki Frumkin


Nikki Frumkin is a painter from New York. She went to school in the Hudson Valley where she got a BFA in Painting and a BA in Art Education. Currently she lives and works in Seattle. Her work is inspired by intimate moments that happen in every day life. By identifying these moments she is able to elaborate sometimes strange and romanticized narratives. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Connecticut, Washington, Florida, Brazil and Switzerland.

ArtFX Gallery

420 N. 35th St.
Phone: 206.545.7459

Artist: Marta Konstacky

Welcome a fresh face to the Arts Scene! Barista by Day, Artist by Night, Marta is a free spirit with a vivid imagination! We are always amazed at the joy her work brings us!

Fremont Health Club

3601 Fremont Ave N

Artist: Ann Norton

"I am the daughter of an amazing artist, Ann Norton. Ann's paintings have brought me an unequivocal emotional connection to my mom and her appreciation for the beauty in all living things. Ann's Greenlake brings you prints and cards of Ann’s original paintings, which were created with acrylics, watercolors, oils and ink. Ann’s neighborhood and her flower gardens were the inspiration for many of her impressionistic style paintings. Ann is currently living with Alzheimer's disease and is no longer able to create her beautiful artwork. Come see Ann's original paintings as well as prints and cards at the Fremont Health Club." For more about Ann’s Greenlake go to: http://annsgreenlake.com/.

Atlas Clothing

3509 Fremont Ave. N Suite 200

Artist: Melissa Kagerer

Melissa is a photographer from Georgia who just moved to Seattle. She currently is an intern for a photography gallery and also photographs bands live on KEXP.

GiGi Retro Inspired Clothing

3418 Fremont Ave N

Artist: Christine Stoll of 
Kathy O Jewelry


My grandma is the inspiration behind my jewelry creations...each piece contains something repurposed from grandma's bead and jewelry collection, found objects or thrift store treasures. 
A percentage of proceeds from my jewelry sales is donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (http://ocrf.org).

Johnston Architects

100 NE Northlake Way, Suite 200

Artist: Gail Howard

“To free my racing mind I’ve developed a meditative way of working. Rather than making decisions along the way, I start by choosing a simple action to perform with limited materials and then force myself to stick with these choices until the planned action is completed. Only then do I allow myself to step back and decide what’s next. This letting go of control is harder than you might think because I often have doubts at some point in the process and have to fight myself not to change course when I fear the thing is going sideways. The trick is in having faith that something good is going to come of it all even if it’s just enjoying the sensations that come with the process such as feeling the drag of the paint-laden brush, the scratching sound of the pencil, the smell of paint.
In the wood grain pieces I trace from real pieces of wood rather than by creating an interpretation of wood grain. Only when I’ve spent longs hours hunting down every last visible wood grain do I step back and assess if it’s done or if I want to add more elements.
Whether it’s wood grain or an entirely abstract pattern that I’m working with, I love doing work that allows viewers to come up with their own interpretations and have their own experiences with the pieces. What starts as wood grain might look to the viewer like topographical or weather maps, or water, or something else entirely. 
Now it’s your turn: what do you see?”

evo Timesinfinity

3500 Stone Way N

Artist: Dan Mohr

I have been an artist for my whole life. With no formal training, I began painting two years ago as a form of meditation. Through my experiences in life, I have formed many meaningful ideas which are conveyed in my work. After working in the winter sports industry for 11 years on the east coast, I packed up whatever I could fit into my car, along with my paintings, and made the journey west. Seattle has become my new home, full of new friends, insane snowboarding, and endless inspiration. I would like to thank my friends and family back home, my new Seattle family, and last but not least evo.

Pel'Meni Dumpling Tzar

3516 Fremont Pl N
BONUS: $1 off dumplings when you mention the phrase "Make Art, not war".
Phone: 206.387.1702

Artist: Annsin Kousin


I was born in Phanat Nikhom refugee camp in Thailand and  raised in Seattle, Washington. I studied motion picture and television at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California. 
My fascination with art has always been the story aspect of it. 
And I draw my inspiration from things around me- the environment that I live in, people that I meet and/ or observed, from life experiences-- and I've come the conclusion that everyone has a story to tell. 
Depending on the size of a project-- a big piece normally takes me a whole month to do-- I work primary with recycled and or reused materials (old newspapers and magazine papers), my motto has always been make use of what you have-- and I'm always amazed by what I can create with things that I find in the recycling bin or at thrift stores. 

Hub and Bespoke

513 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103
Phone: 206.547.5730

 Artist: Shelley Engels

Photography by Shelly Engels is inspired by architecture and details. She enjoys capturing moments in time. Shelley does not set-up her shots, but snaps what her eye for structure and balance catches. The work is printed on a brushed aluminum surface with creates unique depth to each image. Best seen in person to understand.

Frame-Up Studios

3515 Fremont Ave. N
Phone: 206.547.4657

Artist: Roy Powell

Roy Powell's second exhibit at Frame Up Studios is much anticipated. His extraordinary paintings
are a mixture of nostalgia and technology. Powell's objective is to document a part of Seattle that is slipping away.

Fremont Jewelry Design

3510 Fremont Place N 
Phone: 206.547.5551

Artist: Elena Balekha


The beauty & joy of nature & it's elements find their way into abstracted landscape, floral & portrait watercolor paintings...


600 N 36th St. Seattle


Lobby - Lisa Noble  
2nd Floor - Scott Rude
  3rd Floor - Joya Marsh 
  4th Floor - Anya Zaytseva

Lisa Noble

Lisa Noble has been a part of the Seattle art and literary scene for decades. She is the author of “The Charman Chronicles: The Book of Fire” which is on Amazon.com in book and Kindle format. Lisa’s poetry and articles have also been published by We’Moon, Sage Woman and Los Cruces Magazine. She is a member of Poets West and has performed her work in several venues including the Frye Art Museum and Town Hall. Lisa also illustrates her writing and has put together a show of quality color prints. These prints are cover-designs and interior illustrations for her recent YA “Charman” novel. “The Day of the Dead”, “Glow On the Horizon” and “Tarantula Wasp with Butterflies” are events from the Charman Chronicles and are done in ink and colored pencil. To see more of Lisa’s art work visit www.cafepress.com/lisanoble and to read some of her stories visit her blog: lisasstoriesblog.wordpress.com

Scott Rude

Scott Cahill Rude is one of Seattle's most original and
inspirational photographers and owns and operates his own shop,
"Reflecting On Seattle" in the world-famous Pike Place Market.
Scott's use of water and puddle reflections provide a fascinating and
unique view of the Emerald City and showcases the unique beauty that
is Seattle.
Scott likes to keep things simple. His images are not photoshop
creations or overly processed, he prefers to present his photos just
as he saw them; a native son's perspective on his hometown.

Joya Marsh

Observation Works is a print series that focuses on my search for symmetry in urban living, by breaking down elaborate scenes into basic design elements. I am Exploring the interaction of black and white, positive and negative space, and the relationships that emerge from within them.

Anya Zaytseva

Fashion inspired acrylic paintings


A plethora of art in one stop!

3417 Evanston Ave N Fremont


 1st/2nd Floor - Amy McCaleb
  3rd Floor - Hilary McMullen 
  4th Floor - Heidi Randall 
  5th Floor - Natasha Komoda

Amy McCaleb

Amy expresses impressions of outer experiences made onto her inner landscape using colors and lines that appear for her in the fleeting moment. By practicing presence through the act of painting, she hopes to tap into the realm that is universal, that place we can often point to but not easily get at, that speaks of prersonal truths without the need for words or cognitive understanding. One of her favorite inspirations is music, which easily and endlessly engages her in the place of presence. Many of the pieces in this show were painted while listening to live music.

Hilary McMullen 

Hello! I'm Hilary, a 26 year old commercial food/still life photographer born and raised among the grasses, streams and forests of the Pacific Northwest. I love all things quaint and classy and gravitate towards simplicity and softness. I enjoy creative collaboration, surprise inspiration and a good cheeseburger. Come and say hi, I would be delighted to chat with you!

Heidi Randall

My collages reflect my appreciation and passion for all flora and fauna, particularly birds. The distinctive shapes, colors and feather patterns of each species are emphasized with appliquéd wallpaper. Using templates, the individual pieces of contrasting patterns and colors are applied to hand-drawn forms on canvas, finished with an acrylic sealant.

Natasha Komoda

An exploration of the feminine.

Also in the Saturn Building...

Doors of Beauty &  Intrigue

Arturo Torres

Arturo, who is originally from Mexico, has resided in Seattle for over 20 years. His photographic interests have primarily been in architectural features such as doors, windows, patios and arches. . . . any feature that evokes a sense of wonder about the personalities that reside within. This particular exhibit, "Doors of Intrigue & Beauty" offers the viewer colorful, warm & strikingly beautiful architectural scenes from Mexico.

Spa Ginger


Jacquelyn Fajarillo

Age 10

Starting from the time Jacquelyn learned to hold a pencil, whenever she has free time she is at the kitchen table drawing on a pad of paper (she will spend hours there if you let her). Jacquelyn has never had formal art training, however, while attending art camp during the last two summers, she was introduced to the styles of famous artists and painting with acrylics. She is in the 4th grade and her favorite subjects in school are art and writing. Besides art she likes playing with her puppies, dancing, singing, shoes, and entertaining anyone near her. When she grows up she wants to be a professional ballet dancer, artist, hairstylist, or geologist.

Fremont Starbucks

3415 Fremont Avenue North
(206) 633-3706

Artist: TBA

Portage Bay Goods

621 N. 35th St.
Phone: 206.547.5221

Artist: TBA

Balance Studio
418 N 35th St

will be back in June