Dec 7th

~ Dec 7th ~

                            6-9 PM (unless hours are otherwise noted) RAIN OR SHINE!

Please join us pre-art walk for the ever famous

Lenin Lighting at 5pm!

Lenin Lighting

Friday, December 7, 5p

at Lenin (Red Triangle)

Leave it to Fremont to create such an odd tradition as lighting a communist statue like a Christmas tree. Friday, December 7, Fremont will host our annual “Lenin Lighting” celebration during the monthly First Friday in Fremont Art Walk.  Free refreshments including coffee from Peet’s Coffee and Tea and yummies from area businesses as well will be served in Lenin Square.
The neighborhood will welcome Santa, with his magic light switch, to help the festivities alight.  There will be time for family photos with the joy old sole and rumors abound that he will bring oranges for the good girls and boys and limes for anyone who has been bad!
MC Kirby Lindsay of will lead us in the airing of the grievances as we polka to the music of the Fremont Philharmonic around the Festivus Pole. Truly a Holiday celebration that has to be seen to be appreciated.


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Holiday Bazaar!
Located in the new Saturn Building
3417 Evanston Ave North

Over 20+ artists, crafters, and dodad makers all in one building for one night only! 
4 floors of affordable gifts for the Holidays!


Check out the gallery of gifts here! 
(click thru to see descriptions with vendor info)

Vendors include.. 

Twozdai A. Hulse - Ashley Sacco - Autumn Tranquilino - Maxx Follis - Nathan Brend - Laurie Zak-Richardson - Jeni Falldine - Aaron Barr - Megan Yee & Brianna Walker - BrynnAlexis - Circle of Healing Essential Oils - Sharon McCord - Mary Marshall - Dakara Kies - Kate Wansley - Missy Milne - Dreama Blankenbeckler - Christina Pezzner - Rhonda's Chai  - Emily  - JMccormick Designs  - Francine Moo-Young - Sean McFadyen - Andrew Miller - Dave Bloomfield - Mariel Schachtel - Infinite Confections - Lori Mitchell.. AND MORE!

Lobby and 2nd floor of the Saturn building will be hosted by 
Artist Anette Lusher


Also in the new Saturn building..

Doors of Beauty &  Intrigue
3417 Evanston Ave North

Artist: Arturo Torres

Arturo, who is originally from Mexico, has resided in Seattle for over 20 years. His photographic interests have primarily been in architectural features such as doors, windows, patios and arches. . . . any feature that evokes a sense of wonder about the personalities that reside within. This particular exhibit, "Doors of Intrigue & Beauty" offers the viewer colorful, warm & strikingly beautiful architectural scenes from Mexico.

Something Sacred Massage Therapy

3417 Evanston Ave North Suite 317

Something Sacred will be offering 
Massage gift certificates and Relaxation products this month!
Indulge your senses by creating an aromatherapy spa gift basket for your loved ones. Create a basket from the hand crafted herbal salves, aromatherapy salt scrubs, Organic brown sugar scrubs, aromatherapy massage oil, aromatherapy oil diffuser, aromatherapy spray diffuser, aromatherapy bath salts all wrapped in a sea grass basket with a one hour therapeutic massage. 

Artist: Made (Ma-day) Sumaradana

Made Sumaradana born 1971 in Bali, Indonesia
Balinese born Made (pronounced Ma-day) attended Bali Art School in UBud at the age of 16 where he learned traditional balinese art. He graduated from the Bali Art School in 1990. Originally his paintings were very traditional Balinese style but through the years of painting he has developed his own techniques and a variety of different painting syles unique to him. His art captures the pure essence of imagination and creativity. He has created unique mandalas of traditional Balinese Gods and mandalas of the cycle of life in nature. His paintings are handpainted on denim with handcrafted bamboo frames and handcarved wood frames. Each painting is for sale and the price is greatly reduced from the original price. As you gaze at the intricacy that Made took to create each mandala can be appreciated. Come experience a new culture and learn more about Bali, Indonesia.


New Venue!
The Oatmeal
707 N. 35th Street, Unit B (2nd floor)
Artist: Matthew Inman aka 
The Oatmeal
#1 New York Times bestselling author and web cartoonist Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal is opening up his work space in Fremont for the evening. You’ll be able to view Matt’s work and purchase his latest book, How to tell if you cat is plotting to kill you along with prints, posters, t-shirts, mugs and other goodies. 

Matt will be there signing books, drawing pictures and personally passing out samples of his favorite snack — Sriracha popcorn.

New Venue!
Balance Studio

418 N 35th St

Artists: Kevin Engle 

Kevin Engle, a talented and creative multimedia artist, is thrilled to showcase his work during December’s art walk. Trial and error encouraged by informal mentors (and the occasional class) has so far produced paintings in watercolor and acrylic and sculptures in metal, paper, fiberglass and wood.


Mark Banaag

In my opinion, the biggest influence anyone can have in life comes from his/her surroundings.  Influences of nature, city life, and urban culture are what I take and transfer into photography.
A city is not just defined by what it looks like from the outside, but through feelings, emotions, and occurrences from within. Through photography, I strive to take pictures of moments that can leave an impression. Whether it is a simple elderly couple walking, showing the endurance of life, the sun beaming through cracks of urban sprawl, the unique and persistent methods to everyday living, the beautiful architecture within nature, or simply the way someone can look at you. These are simple things that define life.  I try to spotlight something one may pass in his/her everyday life without realizing its impact.

Intuitive Bodywork

3601 Fremont Ave N #306

Artist: Tina Carter

I’ve been serious about photography since 2005. Although I love looking at the world around me through my camera, my first serious collection was that of an unusual look at flowers.In 2010, I started compounding photos in Photoshop to explore the space between land and water. I’ve expanded this work, transforming representational photos into abstractions. All images are for sale. Please contact me for more information at:

Seattle Glass Monuments

4365 6th Ave NW 

Join us for the Holiday edition of the Fremont & Ballard Art Walks. Seattle Glass Monuments will be hosting a number of local artists who will have their works for sale. Included in the event will be:

Artist: Various

Michael Baehr - Recycled Jewelry
Michelle Fokos - Luma Fused Glass
Lisa Hagerman - Felt Bags
Phil Keane - Dimensional Framed Drawings
Matthew Kuhour - Wood Sculpture & Photography
John Lozano - Bee Portrait Photography
Zena McCoy - Seed Jewelry
Victoria McKenzie - Glass Mosaics
Rebecca Pool - Lampwork Pendants 

Pel'Meni Dumpling Tzar
3516 Fremont Pl N
BONUS: $1 off dumplings when you mention the phrase "Make Art, not war".
Phone: 206.387.1702
Regular hours: 11am - 2:30am, Everyday
Artist: Various

The Dumpling Tzar is pleased to announce it's 2nd annual local art bazaar. We will featured artists from the past year as well as some new ones. Plan to do your holiday shopping at the Tzar this year as we will have paintings, ceramics, handmade dolls, mandalas, photos and much more. We will be serving hot chocolate and cider as well as adult beverages.
 Mention the phrase "Make art, not war" for $1 off you dumplings.

Mizika Health and Harmony

3609 1st Ave NW

Artist: Amber Scoon

Amber Scoon is a mixed-media artist from Pelham, MA. She is exhibiting a series of new works called, 'Skin'. These pieces incorporate watercolor, fibers, collage and graphite. Amber now lives in Corpus Christi, Texas and teaches drawing at Texas A & M Corpus Christi, Texas.

Dragonfly Holistic Healing

760 N 34th St

Sissie Boatman-Guillan

As a native of Puerto Rico with immense pride in my Borínqua roots, I am thrilled to share the island’s beauty with others through my artwork. Seattle has been my home for the past 15 years, but part of her heart and soul will always be in Puerto Rico.
From the moment I got my hands on my first camera as a kid, photography has been a passion of mine. In 2011, I combined this passion with my love of pets and established a small business called PawPrints Pet Photos - Capturing Soulful Pet Images. On my website you can find work ranging from a variety of types of pets to scenic images from around the Northwest and Puerto Rico

Hub and Bespoke
513 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103
Phone: 206.547.5730
Regular Hours: M,W,Th Noon-7pm, Fri-Sat. Noon-6pm, Sun. Noon-5pm.
(Closed Tues.)
 Artist: Emily Alice Peck
 Emily Alice Peck’s work is encaustic art, using wax, heat, and pigment. 
She tells us that she started developing her technique almost 5 years ago:  
“The canvas built of wood, using plaster/fresco base, color oil pastels, acrylic, oil, milk and clay paints.  The lines are etched, and finished with layers of wax.” 
For Emily “the hands are connected to the heart".

Portage Bay Goods
621 N. 35th St.
Phone: 206.547.5221
Regular hours: Daily 10am-7pm

Artist:Kitten Chops 

"Heart Opening Energy" is my credo in life and in my artwork. My goal and favorite moment in time is when I find or succeed in creating something that truly touches the heart and the whole rest of the world disappears for that moment. I am constantly on search for this feeling! For me it is usually something super cute, brightly colored or both. Color very effectively communicates an energy/a feeling, no words needed. It also inspires innate creativity and story telling. My two best muses are my own two cats Cicka and Mitsu and their antics. 

420 N. 35th St.
Regular hours: Thursday to Sunday, 12-5pm
Phone: 206.545.7459

Artist: Justina Calamia
It's always fun to watch how an artist grows and evolves over time. In the past we have shown Justina and her watercolors were beautifully realistic rendered scenes from nature. Now her canvases literally explode with color and her scenes of nature and abstracts dance vibrantly across your eye. Definitely happy images meant to be enjoyed.

3515 Fremont Ave. N
Phone: 206.547.4657
Regular hours: M-Sa 10am-6pm, Su 11am-5pm
Artist: Sue Robertson

Sue works primarily with acrylic. Her paintings explore the relationship between color and texture. She goes wherever a painting takes her. That journey begins with her vivid imagination.

3510 Fremont Place N 
Phone: 206.547.5551
Regular hours: Tues-Sat 10-6pm

509 wines

1300 North Northlake Way

Artist: TBA

High Dive 

513 N 36th St
Phone: 206-632-0212
$3 Micro Drafts and $4 Wines by 14 Hands Winery

REMODELING! Come back to see us in Jan!

evo Timesinfinity Art Gallery 

122 NW 36th St.
Regular hours: M-Sat 11-8pm, Sun. 11-7pm
Phone: 206.973.4470

Gallery under construction