February 5th, 2010 Fremont First Friday Art Walk




Artists: Jeremy Newman and Allison Ciancibelli, Laurie Fry, Cathy Handfelt, Nancy Daniels Hubert, Suzi Jennings, Bruce Morrison, Mary Powell, Steve Ward

Venue:  JOHNSTON ARCHITECTS pllc- 100 NE NORTHLAKE WAY, SUITE 200 Imagine the Methow: Nature as the Muse, Landscape as the Canvas, is a mixed-media show inspired by conservation easements in the Methow Valley.  Over the last six months, each artist spent time on properties set aside by the Methow Conservancy and private landowners in an effort to conserve forests, farmland, riverfront and scenic views of the valley.  This work will be available for purchase at the social & art auction on Feb. 24th at 7pm, along with additional artwork and Methow activities ranging from fly-fishing to cross country ski lessons.  All proceeds to benefit The Methow Valley’s conservation efforts.  http://www.imaginethemethow.org/

Artists:  Christine Mattix, Lucy Carpenter, Lisette Wolter-McKinley, Claire Mack
Venue: FREMONT ABBEY ARTS CENTER - 4272 FREMONT AVE. N.  Fremont Abbey Arts Center, known for showcasing some of the area's finest musicians, poets, visual artists, and dancers to raise funds for a number of worthy non-profit organizations, is hosting four artists in their downstairs cafe.  They are located across from Cafe Vita and Via Tribunali on Fremont Ave. N.

Artists:  Ride Snowboards' Annual Snowboard Art Contest (various artists)

This year for Ride's Annual Snowboard Art Contest, there will be a full slideshow to include ALL of the entries and we will be hosting a peoples' choice vote. We are planning to host the reception again at the evo TimesInfinity Gallery in Seattle, and the top 30 and prize winners' snowboard art will be on display for the month of February.

Artist:  Nanci Thomas
Frame Up Studios welcomes Nanci Thomas and her vibrant, contemporary acrylic renderings of waterfowl found in Seattle and the surrounding area. Raised in the Philippines, India and Europe, she is influenced and visually inspired by nature, and likes to capture the light, color and essence of what she sees. 
Artist Reception: Fri, Feb. 5th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Artist will be attending. Refreshments served.
Show Dates: Fri., Feb. 5th through Tues., Mar. 2nd
Hours: 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM Daily

Artist:  Paul Lebel
"For me, photography is a constant pursuit of seeing what I am looking at, listening to what I hear and then translating these into an image of what I have witnessed.  I don't believe that I can capture a true slice of reality.  It will always be bathed in my interpretations." - Paul Lebel

Artist:  Joshua Stern
Beautiful landscape photography inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  Fine art prints for sale.  As always, Free jewelry inspection/cleaning & 10% off all retail items while you enjoy art & refreshments!

Artist:  Bill Zama
Altered Realities - New Work by Bill Zama.  Bill is a Native Washington photographer who has spent his life photographing historical buildings, objects and landscapes across the state. His work is a record of many places that no longer exist: pioneer homesteads, old gas stations and long lost town sites.  Zama digitally enhances the colors in his imagery, yielding results are amazingly beautiful and haunting at the same time.
Artist Reception: Fri, Feb. 5th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Artist will be attending.  Show runs February-April, 2010

Artist: Kelly Keigwin
I’m In the Mood For Love – Mixed Media Work by Kelly Keigwin.
Keigwin grew up in a small town north of LA, where she found endless inspiration in the desert landscape before it was overtaken by urban sprawl.  “Light, joy, love, passion, heartache, loss, social injustice, man’s negative impact on the world - anything that I feel in the pit of my stomach inspires me. I try to embrace the irony of the human experience, whether my experience or another‘s. In my world beauty is found in that which most people pass by everyday." – Kelly Keigwin
Artist Reception: Fri, Feb. 5th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Artist will be attending.

Artist: Lora Johnson and Derrick Sutton
Jewelry and urban prints by a British, Seattle-based husband and wife team, who call themselves London Particulars, will be on display at Frank and Dunya during the month of February. Vintage chic molded together with mechanical elements creates one of-a ­kind eloquent objects of desire (may we suggest a Valentine's gift?).
Artists Reception: Fri, Feb. 5th from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Artists will be attending.


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