~ Sept 6th~


 6-9 PM (unless hours are otherwise noted) RAIN OR SHINE!


Outlander Brewing
225 N.36th st.

Artist: Jon Morrell

Jon Morrell is a creative and commercial photographer, specializing in Americana, animals, small business, and abstract photography with a style consisting of vibrant and colorful imagery.  Constantly seeking out visions that reflect urban or rural scenes of individuality, progress, or decay, Jon always tries to keep his eyes open for the random oddities of his daily travels.  Recently relocated from Nashville, TN, Jon is now based on the ferociously disputed border of the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods of Seattle, WA.  Jon’s work can be viewed at any of the following websites, and he is always ready to create outstanding images for you or your business.

Flickr:  flickr.com/photos/9365668@N08/sets/72157626320274569/
Facebook:  Jon Morrell Photography
Twitter:  @jonmorrellphoto

The Gallery at West of Lenin
203 N 36th St
Seattle, WA  98103


Artist:Charles Spitzack


Charles Spitzack is a Midwest artist and entrepreneur based out of Seattle WA.  Taking a multifaceted approach to survival, Spitzack is the founder of The New Number Two, a small business operating in the Capitol Hill neighborhood offering a wide range of hands-on services. Though he graduated from Cornish College of Art in 2010 with a focus in Print Arts & Drawing, Spitzack prefers to be known as a self-realized individual.

The majority of Spitzack’s work resolves itself in the form of a print. Dedicated to dissolving barriers in commitment to the communal whole, Spitzack has found printmaking to be an excellent way to express these ideas in both subject matter and process. Having pledged himself to a life of mystery at the age of 9, he wonders how long he will be able to hold on before becoming a Jehovah's Witness.  
Charles Spitzack is represented by Davidson Galleries

Asgard Tavern

1300 N Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: (206) 404-4704

Artist: Eric Eschenbach


My work is about the changing landscape. We often think of the land in geologic terms where time is so immense and changing so slowly that it cannot possibly be witnessed in a human’s lifespan; where the slow grind of wind and water combine to erode mountains while others are being built up by the centimeter. But in more recent times, man has rapidly altered not only the land, but also the climate that affects it.  
I have always felt that once you become aware of something, you see evidence of it everywhere. This is how I feel about the changing landscape and why I feel compelled to paint it.
The constantly varying tidal zones are the perfect metaphor for this changing landscape, personifying both the impact of man and climate change and nature’s rejuvenation. Nature has a duality of simultaneously being finite and infinite and will reinvent itself and endure, with or without man.

ArtFX Gallery

420 N. 35th St.
Phone: 206.545.7459

Artist Linh Nguyen

"For Granted"
Linh Nguyen uses scenes of nature to portray human experiences: the places in her paintings do not correspond to places on earth but rather places in her own life.  The cyclicality of growth and decay and the inescapability of change are ever-present in the landscapes and seasons that she paints and serve as reminders that both the best and the worst of our experiences are temporary.  Painting her way through this internal world, Linh looks to discover what her bonds truly are.

Vassili Center

425 N 36th St.

Artist: Fine art and 
Pre-Columbian pottery

"The collection of art and antiquities was made by my late Brother from the late 1950s to mid 1960s."

Fremont Health Club

3601 Fremont Ave N

Artist: John Sandifer

John is a multifaceted person, having spent 42 years in the broadcast industry as anchor on KOMO TV and a news reporter for KING TV, with a 5 year stint at ABC New York. Retiring his microphone, he took the Executive Director position for AFTRA Seattle and after 13 years he decided to pursue other 
interests.Since retiring, he has devoted much time to his favorite things, golfing, writing and painting. He published his second book, “One Tough Ombre” last fall, and spent last summer on a painting excursion in Italy. Stationed in an old Monastery in a town called Terni, in Umbria, the group traveled daily to different cities sketching and painting pleinair. John has been described as a painter who has “great perspective”; he is quick, accurate and enjoys trying new techniques.

Atlas Clothing

3509 Fremont Ave. N Suite 200


Kelly Fleek

Leah Miller

Erin Wilson

with music from

Pel'Meni Dumpling Tzar

3516 Fremont Pl N
BONUS: $1 off dumplings when you mention the phrase "Make Art, not war".
Phone: 206.387.1702

Artist: Erika Jones-Zingler

"Inkasana is a beautifully illustrated coffee table book combining the artful movement of yoga with the long standing art of tattooing. It features 20 original water colors depicting traditional Americana style pin-up girls in various yoga poses as well as photos of tattooed yogis practicing around the city. At the September 6th book release and art show, all of the original paintings will be for sale as well as prints and copies of the book. For more information, check out the website www.inkasana.com or our Facebook page www.facebook/inkasanabook.com"

Hub and Bespoke

513 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103
Phone: 206.547.5730

 Artist: Shelley Engels

Photography by Shelly Engels is inspired by architecture and details. She enjoys capturing moments in time. Shelley does not set-up her shots, but snaps what her eye for structure and balance catches. The work is printed on a brushed aluminum surface with creates unique depth to each image. Best seen in person to understand.

Fremont Jewelry Design

3510 Fremont Place N 
Phone: 206.547.5551

Artist: TBA


600 N 36th St. Seattle


2nd Floor - Daniel Wend
  3rd Floor - Linda McClamrock
  4th Floor -  Charity Jones

Daniel Wend

DANIEL WEND is a photographer and artist working in the Pacific Northwest,
creating abstract images, capturing landscapes, and building photo archives
of vintage automobiles, classic architecture, textures, and whatever else
makes an interesting visual, a useful illustration, or a lasting impression.

PHOTO-SYNTHESIS - These images are interactive photo exercises, utilizing
light, motion, and long exposure times - producing results which are, in
effect, part light painting, part photograph. Since I started this series,
using trial and error, these experimental images have become more deliberate
and predictable. I've become much better at producing the intended effects
of certain camera motions, when working with particular types of light

Linda McClamrock


Linda McClamrock is a West Seattle resident, musician and artist.  She creates mixed media collages using recycled paper, acrylic paint, and a sense of humor.  She finishes these collages with second-hand frames, to further the notion of creating beauty from cast-off materials.  Linda works on the Nordstrom.com site and likes nothing better than to play with paper and glue in her free time.  

  Charity Jones

   I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. My abstract
      drawings are very symbolic and I started developing my abstract
      style early in undergrad. Four years ago I began working in oil
      pastel and oil paint. These pieces are my first explorations of
      these mediums. I am often inspired by living in Seattle, and many
      of these urbanscapes are locations that you may recognize.


3417 Evanston Ave N Fremont


 1st Floor - Yuko Tanaka of Sazanka Design
Amy McCaleb of Amy's Artwork
1st & 2nd Floor - Brooke Westlund
  3rd Floor - Angie Hinh
  4th Floor - Twozdai A. Hulse
  5th Floor - Traci Paulk

 Yuko Tanaka

Yuko creates beautiful jewelry made of vintage kimono fabric. 

 Amy McCaleb

Painter and illustrator Amy McCaleb offers clothing and paper goods decorated with her art.

Brooke Westlund

On the painting's - "They are composed of many different moments of their own layered upon one another, there is a certain point where the painting seems finished but really it is just time to move onto a different stage in its life, in fact each painting continues to change each moment as more and more people experience it, it is ever evolving. It changes depending on where it is hung at the time and who walks by. Even if you see the painting in a bar for a second as you walk by you had a moment with it and so you and the painting each contributed to each others lives even in a tiny way. This process of being in the moment is how we should view our lives, not being attached to any one moment but just moving along. Not worrying about the future or the past."

Angie Hinh

Angie Hinh grew up in California and earned her BA in Political Science and Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley. Angie loves the visual arts, and is particularly interested in the processes involved with different media, which has led her to dabble in printmaking, watercolors, ceramics, graphic and web design, and of course, photography, which she prefers to do using traditional black & white film. Angie discovered her love for photography in her teens, and has been shooting in black & white and printing her own work since 2006. Outside of the darkroom, Angie's other interests include bicycling, reading, cooking, and traveling. 

Twozdai A. Hulse

The skyline series capture places and stories with a combination original painting and photographic transfers on canvas.  
Works highlight many of Seattle Iconic buildings, signs and scenes, as well as other iconic sights from around the world.
Each painting starts by setting the mood with the background color on canvas. Then they go through a photo transfer process which lends them a moody texture and gritty details behind the painting. Twozdai then hand-paints details, colors and more texture onto images. The pieces are a perfect example of Twozdai’s best skills—photography and painting. All images are available in multiple sizes and in a variety of background colors.

Traci Paulk

Artist E-mail: 

Emerging Seattle artist Traci Paulk creates abstract paintings using an eclectic mix of mediums and surfaces. Fusing elements of drawing, painting, writing and collage, her pieces are guided by intuition and often begin without a specific goal or intent—rather, a life yet to be discovered through the addition and subtraction of strong or subtle lines, swaths of color or layers of fading ink or paint. Exploring themes of memory, connections, possibilities and experiences—and the traces or flood of emotions they leave behind—her paintings are inspired by the unexpected turns, pathways, intersections and artistic beauty within everyday life. She strives to create paintings that express emotion and convey a sense of authenticity or truth. A native New Mexican, Traci was drawn to art from a young age, taking painting and drawing courses at the University of New Mexico before pursuing a bachelor’s in journalism and a master’s in business administration. After a successful career in communications, she decided to follow her artistic interests again, leaving her role as a public relations agency vice president behind to begin consulting and pursuing a more creative life. 

Portage Bay Goods

621 N. 35th St.
Phone: 206.547.5221

Artist:  Breia Mallett of The Brush & Mallett

The wonderful thing about art is that it can be anything you want it to be. For me, it starts simply: It just has to be something that makes me smile. Everything I create -- from paper goods, to art prints, to hand painted wooden blocks -- starts with a smile and a sense of silly happiness. Then, I sketch it, paint it, build it, or do whatever needs to be done to start bringing the idea to life. My hope is that if I love it, if I smile because it, then others will return the sentiment. Knowing that what I create might give someone, somewhere, the same feeling I get is what makes it all worthwhile. I love to hear stories from people who have sent a card overseas to a loved one, placed a piece of art in their child’s bedroom, or simply smiled because of something I’ve created, it’s icing on the cake to a pretty sweet gig.
What you see today is a collection of paper goods, art prints, and hand painted wooden blocks that have begun and ended with my golden rule: Love it, or it’s back to the drawing board.


122 NW 36th Street

Artist TBA

Frame-Up Studios

3515 Fremont Ave. N
Phone: 206.547.4657

Artist: Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson was a highly esteemed textile artist for many years. She has become one of the most important watercolorists in the Pacific Northwest. Her ability to pare down imagery to its simplest form, conveys a sense of tranquility. Harmonious color combinations enhance the natural beauty of her work. Frame Up is honored to exhibit a collection of her beautiful paintings.

GiGi Retro Inspired Clothing

3418 Fremont Ave N

Artist: TBA

evo Timesinfinity

3500 Stone Way N

Artist : TBA

Johnston Architects

100 NE Northlake Way, Suite 200

Heartbeat At My Feet:
A Tribute to Rita
A Collection Of Our Favorite Pet Photos

Johnston Architects has put together a photographic series of our favorite pets in dedication to our first office dog, Rita, who passed away after an active and loving sixteen and a half years. She will always be remembered as the original office dog, who paved the way and broke through lease barriers to cultivate a dog-friendly work environment. Rita had a kind spirit and will always hold a special place in Johnston Architects history and hearts. 
*All proceeds from sales will benefit the Seattle Humane Society. 

Bellefleur Lingerie

3504 Fremont Place N

Artist: Matthew Bodaly


Matthew Bodaly has been a freelance photographer for over ten years. Originally from Bremerton, Washington, Matthew lives in Seattle with his family. This collection of photos is titled Musings is a collaboration of personal work with a local filmmaker and seeks to create an air of mystery and encourage the viewer to wonder what is in the subjects head. Matthew's work has been in several local galleries and art walks as well as an occasional appearance in neighborhood news blogs.

Balance Studio
418 N 35th St


Nilo lives and works in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.  Originally a fisherman by profession, Nilo became interested in the visual arts when he was about 30 years old and began to take free art courses offered at the Museum de Artes Moderna in Salvador. Nilo began printmaking in 1993 and now relies on his art for his livelihood.  Nilo’s unique wood cut prints depict the African “Orixa’s” in the African-Brazilian tradition.  Nilo is knowledgeable about the Afro-Brazilian Orixás through his personal experience with African Brazilian dance.  All of his work is hand-designed and printed in his apartment/studio in Salvador. He is becoming well known for his art in Brazil and throughout the world due to his interaction with many Brazilians and foreigners who have grown to love his work.    

Balance Studio/Bahia In Motion is honored to have Nilo's sacred work displayed through June 2013.  We are looking forward to seeing him again in November on our return trip to Bahia.  

Fremont Starbucks

3415 Fremont Avenue North
(206) 633-3706

Artist: TBA